Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church
      440 St. Martins Road, Flaherty, KY 40175


Cemetery Fence The cemetery fence has been completed.  St. Martin of Tours Cemetery fence has been replaced with a black aluminum fence that match the cemetery gates. Each section of fence is 5 ft. tall and 6 ft. long.  We are looking for donors for the fence sections.  The price for each section is $250.00, including the memorial plaque.  The memorial plaque will have 3 lines, with 36 characters on each line, available for your inscription.  Spaces and commas count as a character.  If you would like to have a fence section In Honor or In Memory of a Loved One, please call Glenn Redmon at 270-828-8146.




A memorial plaque will be on each fence section.  The top line of the plaque will read "In Memory Of" OR "In Honor of" OR "Donated by".  The donor then has 3 lines, with 36 characters on each line, to have inscribed what they wish.









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