Saint Martin of Tours Catholic Church

   440 St. Martins Road, Flaherty, KY 40175




St. Martin of Tours History

              St. Martin of Tours Cemetery Altar in the Cemetery is the site of the original Church.                      photo courtesy Joe Sipes         

1848-1870 ... Rev. Charles Ignatius Coomes
1870-1871 ... Rev. J. A. Creary
1871-1872 ... Rev. John A. Barrett
1872-1873 ... Rev. James Ryan
1873-1873 ... Rev. Edward Vantroostenberghe
1873-1892 ... Rev. James O'Connor
1892-1895 ... Rev. John J. Fitzgerald
1895-1914 ... Rev. George Niehaus
1914-1926 ... Rev. George Friedrich
1926-1933 ... Rev. Joseph B. Gettlefinger
1933-1939 ... Rev. Fred J. Gettlefinger
1939-1967 ... Rev. Paul Martin Russell
1967-1980 ... Rev. John Robert Clancy
1980-1985 ... Rev. Joseph I. Mouser
1985-1992 ... Rev. John B. Helm
1992-1994 ... Rev. Harry Gelthaus
1994-2002 ... Rev. Thomas A. Smith
2002-2003 ... Rev. Christopher M. Scalise
2004-2004 ... Rev. Jeffrey Gatlin, Administrator
2004-2008 ... Rev. Paul Beach
2008-2011 ... Rev. Anthony Chandler
2011- 2017... Rev. Kevin Bryan                                                                                2017-...          Rev. Jeffrey Hopper

Our History

Thanks to all the volunteers who have helped with the Archives.  If you are interested in history, please call Ann Sipes, 828-3415.

Church Update2013

160th Anniversary Celebration

Catholic Advocate article dated November 1894
Dedication of present Church building

St Martin School Pictures


Stained Glass Windows

Photos of Stained Glass Windows

These parishioners donated money to purchase the stained glass windows.

Charles Jones, W. H. Edelin, Eliza Edelin, Donie Edelin, C. A. Shircliffe, Mrs. Isabella Sims, Michael Whelan, J. W. Medley, R. C. Craycroft, J. H. Thompson, P. P. Nevitt, Mrs. P. P. Nevitt, Thomas Ballard, Mrs. W. A. Brown, N. Alma Brown, W. A. Brown, W. T. McDonough, J. C. Brown, Mrs. A. P. McDonough, Mrs. M. A. Rhodes & F. M. Lancaster, Rev. J. J. Fitzgerald & Joshua Lancaster. 

 Thanks to those parishioners and former parishioners who have contacted us. If you have further information about the people listed on the windows, call Joe or Ann Sipes at 828-3415 or send an email to us. or

St. Martin of Tours Cemetery

Cemetery Fence

Cemetery Policy

St. Martin Cemetery Deceased List

Glenn Redmon, Cemetery Committee Chairperson ,270-828-8146

  Corpus Christi) ( photo, courtesy Janet Foushee













St. Martin Church Photo above taken ca 1900


This History of St. Martinís was prepared for a book planned by the Archdiocese of Louisville as part of the commemoration of our bicentennial anniversary. Only a page was devoted to each parish of the archdiocese of which we have been a member since our first church was built in the cemetery in 1848.  The full text is presented for our parishionerís enjoyment.

History of St. Martin of Tours, Flaherty, Meade County, Kentucky
 Compiled by Shelly Sims,  Ann sipes, and Mary Ann Whelan



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