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The corner stone of the present Church at St. Martin of Tours in Flaherty, KY was laid in 1893. The building was completed in 1894. Many generations have found this Church to be most conducive to worship of our God. Many people sacrificed and contributed their money, material and labor to the building of this beautiful Church. Some of those people have their names in the stained glass windows. This web page is dedicated to those people. It is the intention of the webmaster to insert a short biography of each person whose name appears in the windows. Hence, this page is a work in progress.

The first four frames are windows on the right as you face the front of the Church. The fifth and sixth frames are windows on either side the two side doors at the rear of the Church. The seventh Ė tenth frames are windows on the left as you face the front of Church. The last frame holds the windows on either side of the altar. The windows on either side of the altar are lit from behind by florescent lights. The actual windows were filled with brick when some minor remodeling was done several years ago.

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Charles Jones b. 26 April 1816, d. 26 May 1894 m. Henrietta Simpson. They had eight children: James William, Eliza Ann, Sarah Ann, Mary Elizabeth Jones, John Harrison , Thomas Alexander, Henry Polin, and Charles R. Jones. Mr. Raymond Jones, who lived to be almost 100 years of age is descended from Henry Polin Jones and his wife, Mary Capitolia Medley.

W. H. Edelin is William Henry Edelin b. 8 Sept 1842, d. 9 April 1899. It is believed that he came from Washington County near Fredericktown. He m/1 Eliza Medley, b. 10 Dec 1844, d. 20 Aug 1883. She was born Teresa Eliza Medley, d/o George W. Medley and Ann Caroline Montgomery. Teresa and her parents were on the first 1853 census taken by Father Charles Ignatius Coomes, our first pastor. William and Teresa Eliza were married in 1866 and had four children: Frederick Garland who married Annette Louise "Lula" Craycroft, Charles H., James Medley Edelin, and a daughter, Mary Emeline. William H. Edelin m/2 Isadore "Donie" Cosby, daughter of Dr. Joseph D. Cosby. She was born 25 Oct 1844 and d. 28 May 1892. Donie was an aunt to Harry Cosby and Frank J. Cosby and their sister, Anna May Cosby (who married Martin Craycroft) as she was a sister to their father, Dr. Henry D. Cosby. The name, Edelen, has appeared with different spellings in St. Martinís records. The Flaherty Edelens of today descend from Frederick Garland Edelen.

C. A. Shircliffe is Charles Alfred Maximums Shircliffe b. 29 May 1852, Meade Co., KY, d. 25 Oct 1935. He was the seventh of eight children of Joseph Athanatius Shircliff, Jr. and Catherine Payne who lived in Hardin County and are buried at St. Patrickís Cemetery, Ft. Knox, KY. C. A. Shircliffe and his wife, Elizabeth Oliver, b. in Maryland 23 Aug 1855, d. 10 Jan 1929 had seven children: Frances Philomena "Lomey", William Albert, Ann Leotha Mary, Joseph DePaul, Leo Joachim, John Adolph, and Gerald Evan. Charles A. Shircliffeís grandfather, Joseph Athanatius Shircliff, Sr. died in Nelson County, KY. The name, Shircliff(e) has been spelled 70 different ways (please note that C.A.ís fatherís records do not show an "e" at end of his name) The immigrant ancestor of C. A. Shircliffís family was John Shiercliffe, who arrived in Maryland on the Ark and the Dove in 1632. He came to America from Yorkshire County, England.

Mrs. Isabella Sims. Isabella had been a mystery to us until the first week of August. A parishioner whose mother was directly descended from Mrs. Isabella Simsís last husband, James Alfred Sims, called to tell us that an Isabella Lyons had married Michael Whelan in Marion County, Kentucky. Isabella had been married to a Henry Lyons and appeared with him in the 1860 Marion County Census. Isabella appears with Michael Whelan in our 1870 Meade County Census. At age 45 she had married Michael Whelan, a resident of Meade County, Kentucky on 2 January 1867 in Marion County. The Marion County records state that her parents were born in Virginia. Michaelís first wife and mother of all his children, Anne Ellen Brown, died in 1866 and is buried in our cemetery. It is unknown now what Isabellaís maiden name was. In a newspaper article in the Catholic Advocate about our then newly dedicated church in 1894, it is stated that Mrs. Isabella Sims contributed money for a window "in memory of Michael Whelan." It is possible that Isabella is the same lady who died at the home of Thomas W. Brown in Marion County near Pleasant Run and was buried from St. Ivoís Church on Monday, 11 December 1899 at age 79. Her fourth and last husband, James Alfred Sims, is the maternal gg grandfather of most of the Greenwell families in our parish today.

Michael Whelan b. 13 Oct 1806, d. 7 Oct 1874, son of Michael Whelan and Grace Eleanor Tennelly. Michael was born in Washington County, Ky from whence he moved to Meade County after the 1850 Census. He and his wife, Anne Ellen Brown, were married at St. Roseís Church in Washington County in 1837, where several of their oldest childrensí Baptismal records can be found. Michael is the progenitor of most of the Whelans in our parish today. His and Anne Ellenís children were Charles Kendrick Whelan, Mary Eleanor, John Alexander, Felix Thomas, Daniel OíConnel, Sara Ann, Susan Appalonia, and Eliza Frances.

J. W. Medley is James Washington Medley b. 6 Oct 1836, d. 18 October 1912. He was a son of George Washington Medley and Anna C. Montgomery who are also buried here. James Washington Medley m. Hilda Generose Mattingly and they had Mary Captola, George Wallace, Leander, Charles Arthur, James Chester and Generose Alexi, Ann Regina, Lillie Apolonia and Hilda Evelina (twins), Francis Benedict. George Washington Medley came to Meade County from Washington County, Ky. The current Medley families (many of whom descend from Charles Arthur Medley and his wife, Martha A. Bickett) of St. Martinís are of the 14th, 15th, and 16th generations descended from John Medley (1615-1660) who came to St. Maryís County, Maryland from Yorkshire, England. Many of our Medley families come down William "Joe" Medley who was a son of Charles Arthur and Martha Bickett Medley. Joe married Lillian Russell Burnett and they were the parents of seven children.


R. C. Craycroft was Richard Columbus "Lum" Craycroft b. 27 Aug 1835, d. 22 July 1916. He was a son of Charles Alexis Craycroft and his first wife, Martha Hamilton (d/o Alexander Hamilton and Harriett Edelen). The Craycroft family came to Meade County from Washington County where R. C. was baptized at St. Roseís Church. R.C. Craycroft m. Mary Catherine "Mollie" Boarman (d/o Sylvester Boarman and Ann Cecilia Hagan). R. C. and Mollie Craycroft had ten children: Martha Saphronia "Fronie", Josephine, Cora Ann, Cecilia Annabelle, Mary Ida, Annette Louisa "Lula", Frances "Frankie", Charles Alexander, Harriet Mona "Hallie", Ella Genevive, and SylvesterColumbus. After Mollieís death, R. C. "Lum" Craycroft married a widow, Belle Carrico Gates Edelen.

W. T. McDonough was William Thomas McDonough, a son of J. Michael McDonough and Ann Priscilla Peak.  He was born about 28 Aug 1855 and d. in 1918.  He married Rebecca Brown on 20 May 1896.  They were married by Rev. George Niehaus at St. Martinís.   W. T. and Mary Rebecca McDonough are buried at St. Brigidís Cemetery in Vine Grove.  A daughter, Marion Geraldine McDonough, b. 1897 and d. 1898, is buried beside them.   In the 1900 Hardin County Census they are listed in the household of John C. Brown and Teresa J. Brown.  William T. McDonough is listed as the son-in-law.

J. C. Brown

J. C. Brown is revealed in the Catholic Advocate article about the dedication of our present church to be Joseph Brown. According to some researchers, his father was John Brown, Sr. who was b. 4 July 1835 and d. 30 Jan 1909. Joseph C. Brownís mother was Theresa Jane Norris (d/o James Norris and Lucinda Nevitt). They were parents of nine children: James D., Thomas C., Georgia K., Anna Nette, Joseph Columbus, Ida E., Rebecca, Marguerita Adaline, and John Y. Brown. It is interesting to note that two siblings in this Brown family married siblings of the Michael McDonough family; namely, Joseph Columbus Brown m. Ada Generose McDonough and Mary Rebecca Brown m. W. T. McDonough. Other children of John Brown and his wife, Teresa J. Norris Brown, are connected to many other families presently in our parish. Joseph C. Brown and his wife, "Jennie Rose" are buried in St. Martinís Cemetery. Joseph C. Brown was b. 3 July 1867 and d. 27 August 1950. His wife, was b. 4 Feb 1868 and d. 29 Dec 1951.



Mrs. A. P. McDonough was born Ann Priscilla Peak, d/o Phillip Peak and his first wife, Mary Ann Spalding, of Nelson County, KY. She was b. 12 July 1827, d. 4 Dec 1898. She was the wife of J. Michael McDonough who also came to Meade County from Nelson County. His fatherís name was Simeon McDonough. Ann Priscilla and Michael McDonough were the parents of Mary Ann, Edward, William Thomas, John Henry, Sarah Liz, Catherine "Kate" and Ada Generose. They are buried in St. Martinís Cemetery.

Mr. And Mrs. W. A. Brown, and daughter, Alma Brown. The Catholic Advocate in 1894 ran a wonderful article upon the dedication of our present church building. One of our windows was donated by W. A. Brown, Miss Alma Brown, and Mrs. W. A. Brown. Not much is known about these three Browns, but they were a family. W. A. Brown is buried in our cemetery. He was born 10 May 1849 and d. 28 Feb 1899. In Meade County in 1874, a William A. Brown was married at 24 years of age to Cecelia R. Cooper, aged 21 years. Cecilia Rosalia Cooper was born 4 September 1851 to Henry Cooper and Elizabeth Hardesty Cooper. W. A. Brown and his wife, Cecilia Brown, appeared in the 1880 Meade County Census with a little girl, Mary A. Brown, aged 5 (who is probably Mary Alma) and Ceciliaís father, Henry Cooper. It is not known now from which branch of Browns, William A. Brown descends. Miss Alma Brown was named as one of the choir members when our present church was dedicated.


P. P. Nevitt was Philip Pius Nevitt b. 1 July 1820, d. 26 May 1895. He was the son of Richard Nevitt and Mary Ann Spalding of Nelson County, Ky. Philipís father died when he was only two years old. He was raised by Philip Peak, whom his mother married in 1825. The Peaks moved to Meade County from Nelson County about 1839. Philip P. Nevitt m. Elizabeth C. Bryan, d/o Ignatius Bryan and Mary Wathen. Elizabeth was b. 23 July 1822, d. 1 Dec 1889. They are buried in St. Martinís Cemetery as is Phillipís mother, Mary Peak. Phillip and Elizabeth Nevitt had eight children: Mary Jane, Henry Clay, John Ignatius, Laura Ann, James Hilery, Richard Horace, Frances Ellen, and Julia Bell.

Mrs. P. P. Nevitt and Thomas Ballard. Thomas Ballard was a mystery to us until a direct descendant of Philip Pius Nevitt wrote and gave us a clue. Mrs. P.P. Nevitt had donated money for a window "in memory of Thomas Ballard." This much was revealed from the article in The Catholic Advocate concerning our present church building. In fact, it seems that Mrs. P. P. Nevitt was Mrs. Mary C. Ballard before her marriage to Philip Nevitt. She was Philip Nevittís second wife. On the wedding license in Marion County it was stated that Philip P. Nevitt, aged 70, was a merchant living in Meade County, Kentucky. She was said to be Mrs. Mary C. Ballard, aged 59, born in Marion County. This was to be her second marriage. They were married at Holy Cross Church in Marion County, Kentucky on 5 December 1890. Other Ballard researchers say that Mary C. Grant was the second wife of Thomas Ballard of Holy Cross Church in Marion County. Philip Pius Nevitt married Mary C. Ballard after the death of his first wife, Elizabeth Bryan, who is buried in St. Martin of Tours cemetery. Thomas Ballardís first wife and the mother of his children was Priscilla Cissell. His second wife was Eliza C. Dawson who died in 1875.

J. H. Thompson is James Henry Thompson; b. 2 Oct 1820 in Maryland, d. 4 July 1901. His first wife was Catherine Burch. William and Susan were their children. James H. Thompson m/2 Elizabeth Wimp, b. 10 July 1829, d. 21 Dec 1901. They were married in 1848 by Father Coomes at St. Martinís. They had three children, Albert J., Alice, and Adrian J. Elizabeth, a non-Catholic, was first buried on Leck Craycroftís farm. Several years ago, through the efforts of a granddaughter, her remains were moved to be buried between her husband, J.H. Thompson and their son. When J. H. Thompson died he was survived by only two children, Alice Richardson and Albert J. Thompson. James H. Thompson once owned a store in Meadville, and then in Guston.


Mrs. M. A. Rhodes was born Mary Ann Lancaster on 15 November 1831 She was the oldest child of Edmund Lancaster and Jane Buckman Lancaster. She was married to John Rhodes on 22 June 1852 at St. Martinís by Father Charles Ignatius Coomes. Her marriage certificate states that she was born in present day Marion County, Kentucky. She died 1 December 1921 and is buried in St. Martinís Cemetery. It is unknown what happened to her husband, John Rhodes. He is not buried here. They did not seem to have any children. They lived next door to a John A. Rhodes family in the Flaherty area in 1860. They were listed in the St. Martinís census taken in 1862 by Father Coomes, but they do not appear in the 1870 Meade County census. She is still remembered today as "Aunt Mary Rhodes" by one of the last surviving grandchildren of her brother, F. M. "Mark" Lancaster.




Rev. J.J. Fitzgerald was our pastor when our present Church was constructed. His obituary states that he was a native of County Waterford, Ireland, and that he came to the United States with his mother and sister at the age of nine. He attended St. Maryís Seminary near Baltimore, Maryland, but was ordained in 1886 at the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville. He served as chaplain to the Loretto Sisters at Bethlehem Academy before coming to St. Martinís in 1892. The very next year, the cornerstone for the present St. Martinís was laid and blessed by Bishop W. G. McClosky on June 22, 1893. He left St. Martinís in 1895 and was assigned to Holy Cross Church in Louisville . He served in Shelbyville and at St.Leoís in Louisville. Father Fitzgerald served the archdiocese for 33 years before his death. After a serious illness requiring hospitalization in Louisville, he returned to visit his family in New York City, and died there after only a few days. He was buried beside his mother in Calvary Cemetery in New York City, and was survived by his sister, Mary Fitzgerald. From archdiocesan records we learned that he d. 16 Oct 1918.

F. M. Lancaster. Francis Marion Lancaster, also known as "Mark" Lancaster, was the sixth child of Edmund and Jane Buckman Lancaster. He was born the 26th of August, 1840 and died the third of March 1927. He is buried in St. Martinís Cemetery with at least two of his wives. He m/1 Nannie Elder, daughter of Benjamin Elder and Margaret Hill. Three of their children died young and are buried here at St. Martinís; Mary, Ellen and Francis Emmett. Three more children are remembered: Annadell, Alice, and Ben. Ann "Nancy or Nannie" was born 11 June 1843 and died 16 Dec 1878. F. M. "Mark" Lancaster m/2 Mary Harriet Hughes at Mt. Merino Church and they had four children: Mary Bertha who m. R. Walter Thompson, Nannie who m. John Brown, Francis Bernard "F. B." Lancaster and Willie. Descendants of several of Mark Lancasterís children still live in our parish today.


Joshua Lancaster b. 17 Oct 1836, d. 30 Oct 1926. He was a son of Edmund Lancaster and Jane Buckman who came to Meade County before Joshuaís birth, probably from Washington or Marion county. Joshua m/1 Sarah C. Medley, a daughter of George Washington Medley. Josh and Sarah had five children: Rosalia "Sally" Esther, Mary Emma, Annie Oria, Theresa Eliza, and William Thaddeus. Joshua m/2 Georgiana Medley (s/o Sarah) and they had seven children: Sarah Ellen, Rose Reginia, Anna Reginia, Rose Adelaide, George Edmond, Lucy Ottella, and Mattie Ollie, also an infant son who was b. and d. the same day. Josh lost his second wife and m/3 Amelia Nolan. They had three children: Joshua Jr., Bernadette, and Bulla. At age 52, Joshua m/4 a widow, Ann Elizabeth Huffman Phillips. They had seven children: Mary Jane, Maggie Lee, George Samiell, Mary Kittie, Nellie Frances, Joseph Pat, and Crodie Bell. Joshua Lancasterís obituary states he lived his entire life within a mile of the place of his birth in Meade County. He was survived by 130 descendants.


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